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Fire in the hole! September 17, 2009

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Just a note, the new website is up! Check it out.

Shall be finishing the move in the next few days, and I’m back in teh groove.


The Australian Sex Party? September 2, 2009

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I do like their policies. It does sound like they’ve gotten the common sense book and has said “Hey. We like this.” Definitely some guys who’d get the vote. Well, probably alot more if they had a better party name. Like the “We have common sense party”. They do sound like they spank the monkey abit more than most, but apart from that, some genuine, good policies.

Anyhow, you can find their blog here and their policies page here.

At least they don’t act like your parents. Or so I hope. Check em out.


Late-night Website Plugs! August 27, 2009

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In my cruising around of the internet, I present: Websites of interest!

The Gamers’ Girl – “Stories of humor, support, and wisdom to those who date, have fallen in love with, or are married to a gamer.”
Looking For Group – A hilarious webcomic that kind-of borrows Warcraft character design. Worth a read if you’re bored. (Most likely at work or procrastinating, no dobut.
Overclockers Australia – Australia’s busiest IT community. I go under the moniker “Lardman” here, and it’s definitely one of the best places for the latest in tech-related news and info.
Ken Rockwell Photography – Definitely my favorite source of photography information. Hands down.

Those three seem to be the only sites I’m reading at the moment, my mind being a void of any other information. But nonetheless, have a read – some good stuff there, and definitely a way to pass these wee morning hours. Anyhow, busily watching and catching up on stuff till I start work next week it is!

– Reijin


Another short one. August 21, 2009

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As I’ve been working all week, job interviewing too!

Hopefully should hear some positive things tonight. Then for the weekend, some delicious marathon of anime. Hurrah.

Thank god it’s friday.


A little bit of August 15, 2009

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IT’S A PITY MY FAMILY ALL DECIDE TO USE THE WASHING MACHINE ON THE SAME DAY… (I must remain a vigilant watch in order to nab it.)

God damn, now that that’s off my chest, have a video – Everyone loves Perfume Live (I have no idea how they can dance for that long. Red bull, perhaps?)


Why Australia post sucks: July 13, 2009

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Jul 12 11:19 Posting/Collection SHIBUYA Branch Tokyo metropolis

Jul 12 15:24 Arrival at outward office of exchange TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Branch Tokyo metropolis

Jul 12 16:21 Dispatch from outward office of exchange TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Branch Tokyo metropolis

Jul 13 11:31 Arrival at inward office of exchange SYDNEY D AUSTRALIA

Jul 13 11:31 Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner SYDNEY D AUSTRALIA

Jul 13 11:34 Departure from inward office of exchange SYDNEY D AUSTRALIA

Jul 13 17:17 Processing at delivery Post Office Scheduled delivery date: AUMPNS AUSTRALIA

Now really, do I need to say anymore? a day from Japan to Sydney.

I send shit to Victoria from ACT and it takes three.


Absence May 24, 2009

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So, recently haven’t been posting because I’ve been too damn busy with that IRL thing. My apologies for anyone who regularly reads. These assignments are really bothersome because I do have to think somewhat for them (Even though Virtualisation isn’t really all that hard), and it’s starting to get really bothersome doing them.

Oh well, I should be finished with them within a week, and then voilah, I have my Diploma of Network engineering.

Fun times.

Oh well, we’ll see how we go.

What does bother me is the people in my class though – Sometimes it looks as if they aren’t making any effort whatsoever to learn the content. It’s really damn annoying to see anyone who works in IT not taking the effort to progress. If I ever turn senile, someone point me at this blog post and tell me to man up.
I vow, that I will NEVER be that stupid. If I don’t know something, I will make an effort to learn it. End of story.

This goes for anything I do, or anyone I know. Living isn’t good enough for me one could say. 😛
I guess it’s all about doing your best, eh?

Anyhow, we’ll see how this all pans out.