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A little bit of August 15, 2009

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IT’S A PITY MY FAMILY ALL DECIDE TO USE THE WASHING MACHINE ON THE SAME DAY… (I must remain a vigilant watch in order to nab it.)

God damn, now that that’s off my chest, have a video – Everyone loves Perfume Live (I have no idea how they can dance for that long. Red bull, perhaps?)


Thanks CDJapan! June 12, 2009

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So this gear came in from CDJapan a day or two ago.

Firstly, a scoresheet! Keyboard score *AND* bass tabs. I’m gonna be busy for a while 😀


Next, Fullmetal Alchemist OP Album – again by YUI. Awesome album, came with a whole bunch of stickers too! I couldn’t get the limited edition with the DVD though.. 😦

Still, I got the first print, so can’t complain. Definitely an awesome single – get it. Now.

Additionally, on top – Boku wa mada Nanimo Shiranai [Album] by Ishikawa Chiaki. It’s areally nice album, lots of Ballad-type stuff that she does fantastically – Very chilling voice in some songs though, but the vocals are clear, and the instrumentals are amazing in some tracks. (My speakers have been getting a hell of a workout)


Last but not Least:

Check This Out!! by Jabberloop – Awesome jazz group, It’s abit fast for my liking, but definitely a nice club Jazz album to listen to.

Another Side of Agenda by Re-Trick  – Jazz trio, more slow jazz and acid Jazz – The Live CD, too. Awesome jazz trio containing my favourite instruments – Bass guitar and Piano.

Definitely worth checking out – I’ll upload some tracks at some stage for you guys to listen to.


Anyway, back to study.

Reijin Out.


Perfume – Love the World May 5, 2009

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So, I picked up this album off Jpopsuki a few days ago – I did have my reservations on it being abit more of the same, but pleasantly suprised it was much more upbeat than the previous albums, abit faster and much more variety in the instrumentation. (Even if it is through the same, electro-synth)

Overall, it’s a nice song. Kinda uplifting, too. And fun to sing to… so many harmonies you can do with it >_<
It does have an air of “enjoy life” to it, and is very VERY upbeat. The music video has some really trippy bits, too. With the hair and everything.

The song opens similarly to Perfect Star, Perfect Style – very light, then gets abit more beaty. Definitely a reccomended if you like any sort of electronica, or are a fan of Jpop. (It’s not stupidly fast, too!)

Anyhow, enjoy! Reijin out.