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Late-night Website Plugs! August 27, 2009

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In my cruising around of the internet, I present: Websites of interest!

The Gamers’ Girl – “Stories of humor, support, and wisdom to those who date, have fallen in love with, or are married to a gamer.”
Looking For Group – A hilarious webcomic that kind-of borrows Warcraft character design. Worth a read if you’re bored. (Most likely at work or procrastinating, no dobut.
Overclockers Australia – Australia’s busiest IT community. I go under the moniker “Lardman” here, and it’s definitely one of the best places for the latest in tech-related news and info.
Ken Rockwell Photography – Definitely my favorite source of photography information. Hands down.

Those three seem to be the only sites I’m reading at the moment, my mind being a void of any other information. But nonetheless, have a read – some good stuff there, and definitely a way to pass these wee morning hours. Anyhow, busily watching and catching up on stuff till I start work next week it is!

– Reijin


One Response to “Late-night Website Plugs!”

  1. Snark Says:

    Heheh, I remember Looking for Group; fun stuff

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