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I can now drive! May 3, 2009

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After a good weekend of hilarity, and a very boring course, and $42, I can now drive a motor vechicle.


Totally not my car.

Totally not my car.

One thing that did bother me about the course was how un-alert the lot of them were – seriously, some of them had to be the biggest dead-beats I have ever seen. I fear for my safety. Oh well, at least I can drive a car with a turbo or a V8 in the ACT on my license.

Now all I have to do is get my own car – VW Golf, Mazda 3 hatch, an old honda prelude perhaps? Time will tell. Anyhow, off to go play more games 😛


Reijin out.


I have to go to work tomorrow. April 27, 2009

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After a 2 week long holiday, I guess It’s about time. ;_;
Oh well, I can’t be arsed writing up something for Valkyria Chronicles ep 3, so you’re going to have to wait till.. Tomorrow! Ps, my eye is itchy and It’s really cold in my room. Help me.

On another note, I’m really not looking forward to my workload tomorrow.

Reijin out.

Not looking forwards to the workload I face...

Not looking forwards to the workload I face...


I seem to have made quite a mess… April 18, 2009

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Too many partitions..

Too many partitions..

Apparently I’m running out of Hard disk space. 😦

Oh well. The fact that I have a quirky naming scheme is good enough for me. One bonus of making this utterly pointless post is that I know now that I have CoD5 in my CD drive, and it is in fact not lost. Happy days.

Klarwind and eisen are both my anime hard drives, music and photography gear sit on Signum, and the torrenting folder sits on Shamal. It’s organised, but I really need to make some time to actually go through my torrenting folder and move the completed stuff onto Klarwind. Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll also have a 5TB raid5 array holding the media, because it’s really gotten to the point where I need to back it up, otherwise one day something narky is going to happen, and I’ll be in trouble. Anyway, hopefully not. Don’t jinx it. 😛

Generally I keep all the stuff I watch – just if I ever watch it again. Collections always start out this way – Either way, I should actually get around to watching said anime collection, however…

I suppose I should get back to sleeping, and my studies…

Reijin out.


I hate hospitals. And doctors, and lawyers, and cops…… April 15, 2009

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I seriously do hate hospitals and lawyers, anyway.

I don’t want to go to work – I have a fsking headache, i’m tired, I just want to sit at home and get paid. BLAH.

Oh well, off to work with me.

Hopefully I’ll have a FMA review up for you chaps tonight, along with a few other goods.


Logitech – another one bites the dust April 13, 2009

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Well, posting as my G9 is crapping out. I replaced a G5 doing exactly the same thing – turns out it’s the cable of the damn thing doing it.

Yay, another $100 down the drain. >_>

I’ll tell you what – it was a good mouse while it lasted. 😦


Room Sickness March 30, 2009

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More likely than you think. It was pretty damn annoying to put together but… it looks pretty good in the end. That and eventually I intend on having a 3rd 24″ LCD here. 😀 .



So It’s a little narrow, but eh. Works pretty well for all my needs. and I have space to put figs now. 😀

Anyhow, back to watching True Tears for me. (Catching up on old stuff). Sadly, I should be at work – however, I’m coughing up bits of crap everywhere and have a gigantic headache. I highly doubt I can work in my current state.

Sometimes I just absolutely hate my immune system. With a very strong passion. Ahh well, what can you do. Not like you can go in there yourself and fight it… (If only you could though, cause that would be awesome.)

Anyhow, back to popping meds again for me.

Reijin out.


A Trusted friend on the computer table. March 25, 2009

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Great for that morning burst of brainpower

Great for that morning burst of brainpower

This cup is awesome. It’s big, it holds my hot cup of drink, it keeps me awake at night, and it also keeps me warm and fuzzy. Litterally.

The cake was a lie, but my morning milk tea? I THINK NOT.
For those interested in it, grab it at the valve store. But I highly recommend that you do a group order though. Shipping is 25 USD – get 3-4 mates and buy 40-50 worth of stuff each, and you’re set.

Reijin out.