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That feeling of ‘Bleh’ August 24, 2009

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It really does get to you.

Somehow in limbo at the moment – No job for now, waiting to start a new one. And to make things even more annoying, I’m also waiting for money to come through from 2 previous jobs.

It really does suck.

All in all though, life is looking on the up! I’ll have a new job soon, with decent renumeration, and with it, hopefully a new computer in the next few months, along with a makeover of my room hopefully by then.

I’ll have a license, which is also good, and I’m somehow learning Japanese still. Albeit slowly.

So I suppose there isn’t all that much to complain about. But trust me, it really does suck sitting at home not doing anything for a week. (Ok, well it’s not that bad. But it gets a tad boring.)

Anyhow, in more Anime related news, I’ve been watching Umi Monogatari, and catching up to that quite nicely, along with Senjou no Valkyria. I’m still a little mixed on Umi Monogatari. It’s…. serious and then not. Almost as if it can’t decide if it’s a drama, a mahou shojou, or a comedy. The mix is brilliant, when it works (Nanoha anyone?), but when it doesn’t it does give that impression of pretty bloody odd.

I’m still keeping up with Fullmetal somehow – I’ll get around to putting up summaries soon enough. (Which I’ve been meaning to do… heh procrastination)

Now as for Figures – there’s a whole bunch coming up this september/october. Riot Zanber Fate, Exceed mode Nanoha, ActSa, and a whole bunch of other goodies coming soon. Hopefully I’ll have a Lightbox so I can do some proper reviewing by then.

In the meantime however… someone recommend me a good place to get some glass cabinets damnit! My figures are collecting dust in a very quick, horrific way. Which is another thing on the to-do.

Ah well. I suppose being the middle of winter, it’s not unusual to have a whole bunch of crap piled up – but things are getting better, have no doubt. Soon I’ll be kicking in no time.

Oh, and that new domain should be coming roughly… next week. So stay tuned, and hopefully the move won’t be too retarded. It should also feature some art and stuff if I can get that together.

Reijin out.


New Layout! August 13, 2009

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Because have I ever told you how much I absolutely hate non-rounded corners in my web content? For some reason it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Additionally, I’d make the words “Absolutely hate” in bright pink to make it even more annoying, but alas. You can’t always get what you want. Anyhow, I’ve been contemplating moving away from WP to my own domain… possibly. It’s very hard to make these choices, as you could understand. I’ve been somewhat playing around with web layouts over the last few days and I do kind of want to move away from the wordpress limitations and have my own domain done.

Maybe Flickr Premium and my own webspace / domain name. That might work.

Ah well, we’ll see how things pan out.

Anyway, still working on a few writeups. SMASH 2009 for one (photos can be found on my Flickr).

I’ve still yet to get back to writing reviews for FMA which I might just summarise, and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff I’ve been neglecting, for which I apologize. As I am very busy. (read: lazy)

Anyhow, should have something up in the next day or two. Something proper, anyway.



Off to SMASH! August 7, 2009

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With new arsenal in hand..

With new arsenal in hand..

Anyway, I’ll be there all Saturday – if you want to meet up, feel free to E-mail me:

reijin64 [AT] 😀


Ugh, sick… again. August 5, 2009

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ps. Honey Lemon tea is amazingly awesome.


Another daily rant… July 27, 2009

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Recruitment agencies really piss me off. 😛

Nonetheless, at least it’s not too bad sitting in my room listening to funk and jazz. This kind of music is what makes the world go round!

Anyway, It’s too freaking cold. However, I have my laptop now and the workstation is a little more enclosed, which does help. It’s cosier now, which kinda keeps me less cold at night. >_> Fucking winter.

Some things I’ve had to work on recently is keeping my skills up with Microsoft Active Directory, exchange and the like. Ever since I stopped going to TAFE courses, i’ve been neglecting those skills, which is something I’ve really got to keep in focus if I want a better job… Alternatively I could see how these pay reviews coming up go – doesn’t really feel like they’re coming at times.

The world is in an interesting state at the moment. It feels more apart than before, yet more together in other ways. The great recession, H1N1, so on, so fourth are causing more havoc than anything. Eventually I reckon this place will tear itself apart at some stage, in one way or another. That’ll be an interesting one to witness, and I have a solid feeling that I’ll be witnessing a world war in one way or another during my lifetime.

But, as you do. Maybe I should get my ass back to study as opposed to ranting about random crap. 😛

reijin out.


The new season! July 6, 2009

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So, this season is shaping up to be pretty quiet. However, the good stuff to watch?

  • Aoi Hana
  • Tokyo Magnitude
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Element Hunters
  • Sora no Manimani
  • Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou
  • Spice & Wolf 2
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Canaan
  • Zan Sayonara zetsubou sensei
  • Umi Monogatari

So far most of these have caught my attention pretty well.
The main one’s I’m looking at at the moment however, would be Canaan, Spice and Wolf 2, Aoi Sora and Tokyo Magnitude.

The first episode of Aoi Sora is already out on Tokyo Toshokan – So grab it there.

I must say the previews look pretty damn good so far, so we should have a decent flowing anime season after all. That said though, I really do need to find more time to play games and watch anime, along with playing my Bass more…. not to mention learning Japanese and the variety of other things. The would would be much better if days were 3 hours longer.

No really.

Having said all that, it’s good to be blogging again! It’s a nice relaxing outlet for me, something where I can erm, make my presence known? I dunno. All in All, enjoyable.

At the moment I’m downloading Umi Monogatari, I’ve already watched Aoi Sora (Should have a review up tomorrow), and hopefully in addition to that I should be catching up on all the FMA/Valkyria reviews that I’ve deprived you guys of (Gomen ;_;) So, this week should be busy! Stay tuned.

Reijin out.


Hiatus July 2, 2009

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As you guys may have noticed, I’ve been abit quiet lately. I blame this time of year.

At the moment I’m just tired as shit, worn out… blah. It’s this time of year I’d say. The end of financial year crap, the constant nagging of people.

Argh. It’s tiring.

Having said that, on a lighter note the seccond half of this year looks promising! Lots of anime, about 5 figures are on pre-order, and I’m learning to drive! (Woo, roadtrip!) Plenty of good things to look forwards to, I suppose.

It’s just trying to get through whats left of the next few months that’s going to be fucking stressful. Oh well.

I should really get off my ass and start doing more reviews, too.

reijin out.