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Off to SMASH! August 7, 2009

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With new arsenal in hand..

With new arsenal in hand..

Anyway, I’ll be there all Saturday – if you want to meet up, feel free to E-mail me:

reijin64 [AT] 😀


Well played, Canberra. Well played March 22, 2009

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In my photo stint at Skyfire 2009, I came upon 2 things.

The first, was the fireworks technician with his pants half down on the platform.

The seccond, was the fireworks in the shape of a penis.

Oh, the maturity.

Oh, the maturity.

Well played.

Reijin out.


And as I clean… February 15, 2009

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Unlimited Room Works

Or something to that extent. Sorry guys for the lack of blog. Been filling out loads of selection criteria lately. (Job hunting, hah.) Anyhow, I’m still really tired from the cleanup that resulted in this desk..shot. As a note though, my PS3 isn’t in my room at the moment. 😦 Oh well. Crackdown is loads of fun on the xBox though, and so was Gears of war along with Fires of Liberation. Now all I need in my room is abit more shelving, and some monitor stands… These bloody feet take up too much space.

You can see the void where my PS3 is ;_;

You can see the void where my PS3 is ;_;

That aside, I’d best get back to work. Anyhow, coming up soon: some music reviews. Or anime reviews. Or whatever I damn well photograph next.


Teana Lanster by Alter February 11, 2009

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Hurrah, another suprise from HLJ that I forgot I preordered ages ago…Anyhow, after somehow getting to the post office and picking this piece of awesome up, time to crack out ye olde’ DSLR and take some snaps!

Anyhow, for those interested – taken at F11 with a Nikon D60, 1/50 shutter speed, with a 55-200mm lens.

Thanks again, HLJ and Alter!



As before with all the Alter figures I’ve bought, this one is no exception – fantastically well done, very well styled. That little line on the jacket bugs me a little… anyone else with this figure have the same thing?

But anyway, now I have something to go with Vita and Hayate 🙂

Some of the shots are a little over/underexposed just a tad, or the colour balance is out – my apologies. Additionally, this is after I just cleaned the CCD of my camera too… (so nerve-wracking).

Yes... she has panties. >_>

Yes... she has panties. >_>


You can really see the detail put into her erm.. shirt. Oh, and Cross Mirage looks fantastic too 🙂

Another angle again. She has a short skirt... xD

Another angle again. She has a short skirt... xD

Last shot! Fire!

Last shot! Fire!

Anyhow, I hope you guys like her! She’s still around at HLJ I believe. As well as that, any C&C on the photographs is much appreciated. 🙂

Thanks for reading – Reijin out.


Oh God Yoko is HOT. And hard to photograph.. February 2, 2009

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Yoko Ritona

Yoko Ritona

I’ll put this one in the money “accidentally” well spent basket. Anyhow, I’ll just be leaving this here. Thanks again, HLJ! She’s very pretty. Now all I need to do is work on my camera overexposure. Or stop using the flash, or get a more complicated flash that I can soften…

Anyhow, Reijin out.