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Not that Exciting May 28, 2009

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Well, whilst not as exciting as my previous post, it turns out I don’t have swine flu, AKA H1N1. (or maybe I should word that the other way round)

It turns out it’s just the normal flu, most likely Influenza B, which seems to just have raped my throat with a nasty cock erm… cough. Whilst my body aches like hell in general and I’ve been confined to bed most of today, it isn’t as bad as it could be, which is good. I’ll be at work tomorrow, and back to being a productive assist to society.

Plenty of warm water, fluids, etc and I should be back up to fighting spirits in no time. On that note, I’m a little behind on anime and figure reviews, aren’t I? I should really post about my new Haruhi… 😛 amongst other new things. Overall, life should be pretty good. I may have a new job soon, too!

As well as that, the Sniper Vs Spy update seems to have attracted a whole bunch of new players with the special that they held over that weekend, too. Plenty of free frags to be had.

Anyhow, I’ll post about these things more in full later on. For now, back to resting.

Reijin out.


One, One One… uhmmm……… One! May 18, 2009

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This is hilarious, and quite amusing. Although it makes Valve’s job harder in future videos. Either way, the double update for the Sniper and Spy is going to make things very very interesting. Kudos, I must say to them though for updating a game like this that has no ongoing costs. It definitely keeps me buying games from them, being the good fellows they are providing us with consistent quality entertainment.

The Spy seems to be a very interesting character, and we finally realise he’s French! Conspiracy theories on helmets, as well as the Pyro being the Scouts’ mum… Ow.

Left 4 Dead, TF2, Half Life 2, all good games that I constantly play. 😛

All in all, keep up the good work Valve!

Reijin out.


Oh Sweet lord. April 2, 2009

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L M N O..

L M N O..

Valve, I love you and hate you at the same time.

This made me laugh, and then dislike the Australian jokes. 😛

Looking forward to the update though, as sniper is fun. I do hope they balance out “wallsniping” however, because it’s a habit that’s annoying as all hell. That and snipers that just sit there spamming machine gun all day. Bloody hell.

Reijin out


Spah’s sappin’ mah sentry! February 26, 2009

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Sweet lord this thing would hurt.

The appeal of the Paintball Turret can pretty much be summed up in its inventor’s own words: “It shoots things.” What grabbed our attention, though, is just how sophisticated the contraption appears to be. Two years in development, Jared Bouck’s turret fires 34 balls per second (per second!) and is designed to be carried as a backpack for rapid deployment. Invent Geek also claims that it can be controlled via heads-up display from up to half a mile away. Full plans and a material list are promised as is a video demonstration. Until then, you’ll have to make due with the detailed assembly history just beyond the read link. This could change paint warfare and the tactics used by curmudgeonly neighbors to protect their lawns, forever.

Buildin' a sentry.

Buildin' a sentry.

This thing looks amazing… and with 34 paintballs per seccond it’s not something to be trifled with either. Anyhow, thanks Endgadget!

I can only imagine how much painful “testing” the original makers would have gone through… That’s alotta bruises.

Anyhow, Reijin out.


Holy Stuff Batman! February 9, 2009

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I’M NOT SWEATING IN MY ROOM FOR ONCE! 1231464262935Anyhow, this is honestly my thought process at work. God, my mind is one of those things that really don’t mix too well with normal logic. Mine works in a very strange, twisted way. That and work is a stumbling, bumbling mess at the moment. Line faults, idiots on the phone, help me help me my dialup isn’t working (Dialup is the scourge of this earth, I swear). Ahh well, you pull through.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly waiting for Valve to release the Scout update for Team Fortress 2. Tearing my hair out in anticipation for some sweet, sweet bonk. NeedADispenserHere. It’ll be so painful for snipers, demomen, but a ball of fun for heavies. Ahh, the waiting game is indeed a painful game indeed! It does bother me at how addictive the game can become, and how it’s the new UT for girls… All in all, a very ‘pick up and play’ game for everyone. If you haven’t gotten it yet, it’s 19.95 USD on Steam, grab it and jump in! Feel free to add me on Steam too. My ID is heapslol for those interested. 🙂

Street fighter 4, with it’s glorious Cel-Shading and mean collectors edition pack has made it’s way onto my purchase list, along with Dawn of War 2, Final Fantasy 13 and friends, and a few other games. But mainly Street fighter and FF13. God, I really should go part time, it’d mean I get to play a whole ton more games!


Somewhat anime related, my To Watch list is now bigger:

  • Afro Samurai Resurrection (Samuel L Jackson, the Anime)
  • ~ef~ A tale of Melodies (Blu Ray rips are awesome.)
  • Akikan! (More ecchi harem goodness…)
  • Maria†Holic
  • Macross Frontier
  • Minami Ke
  • ARIA (Halfway through!)
  • Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter
  • Rosario + Vampire (I have it, just need to get around to watching it.)
  • Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
  • Genshiken
  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Soul Eater
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Kemeko DX
  • Hayate no Gotoku (I have like 4 more episodes to watch, but so lazy. :P)
  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (Ditto with Hayate no Gotoku)
  • Shikabane Hime
  • Gokusen (all 3)
  • Hellsing OVA

All in all, quite a huge list. Makes people wonder why I have no girlfriend or social life. 😛

Anyhow, Reijin out.


Woo hoo hoo! February 2, 2009

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1232197343611Only a few more days untill we have a sweet, sweet scout update. Heres to hoping we can kill sentry guns. Other news aside, I also recently got my Chief of staff (1 million healing points) achievement. Hurrah!

In other news, if people are after music, I highly recommend you head over to Jpopsuki and have a browse. In recent times, my Audio-Technica AD-400’s and Asus Xonar D2x sound card have been getting a hell of a workout, and boy do they sound amazing. They’re fantastic in-game, too.

Anyhow, Reijin out. I’d best be off to bed before I wake up too late for work…