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Is it the boredom? May 28, 2009

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One would wonder what the whole point of a call center is. Whilst you’re meant to be on standby, what the hell are you meant to do?


I should buy myself a rubicks cube or something…

Either way, plenty of people say work shouldn’t be fun – should it? IMO it should be enjoyable. Not something you dread doing in the morning. Personally, hours don’t bug me. Nor does the odd demanding person, nor insane workloads. I suppose what bugs me most is the reliance on other people to do things when you could do them yourself… (Tesltra, hello!)

It’s a predicament I wish didn’t have to exist. Unfortuantely until we have some semblance of a real communications network in this godforsaken country, it probably still will continue to exist.

That and work really teaches me on a regular fucking basis, that people can be dead-set retarded in their actions. Sure, it’s not everyone’s fault they don’t understand a computer or IT networks, but when they try to use the internet, they take no interest in learning at least how to use their computer properly?

Society, at times really shits me. And people wonder why I’m a somewhat anti-social misanthrope, that hangs only around the geekish community he is friends with.

Society is seriously a burden on itself. If you announce a pandemic, people fucking panic. Why? Because they have little understanding of it. Which is what majorly shits me. Very few people have an understanding of the world around them, or at least the crucial bits.

It’s quite annoying.

I think of far too many things at work, whilst my mind is slowly deadening itself against the stupidity of people.Various ways that terrorst acts that have happened in the past could have been improved in deadliness, what’s out there in the far reaches of space and the universe, in which mannerism I’ll eventually die…

Probably not a good idea. If only I could perfect that multitasking thing a little more. Like drumming!

Or I could make an Origami Giraffe, and murder it.

Reijin out.


Not that Exciting

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Well, whilst not as exciting as my previous post, it turns out I don’t have swine flu, AKA H1N1. (or maybe I should word that the other way round)

It turns out it’s just the normal flu, most likely Influenza B, which seems to just have raped my throat with a nasty cock erm… cough. Whilst my body aches like hell in general and I’ve been confined to bed most of today, it isn’t as bad as it could be, which is good. I’ll be at work tomorrow, and back to being a productive assist to society.

Plenty of warm water, fluids, etc and I should be back up to fighting spirits in no time. On that note, I’m a little behind on anime and figure reviews, aren’t I? I should really post about my new Haruhi… 😛 amongst other new things. Overall, life should be pretty good. I may have a new job soon, too!

As well as that, the Sniper Vs Spy update seems to have attracted a whole bunch of new players with the special that they held over that weekend, too. Plenty of free frags to be had.

Anyhow, I’ll post about these things more in full later on. For now, back to resting.

Reijin out.


Swine Flu: Day 1 May 27, 2009

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So, anyway. As some of you may know I have now been quarantined for Swine Flu, or H1N1.
Pig-borne Influenza. Whatever you want to call it.

Either way, Last night I had a very mild headache and a cough for the day, on top of feeling tired, so I got it checked out and bam, they tested me for Swine Flu on the spot. What really suprised me is how panicked they were once I said it.

The moment I stated I had been in contact with a swine flu case… wowsers. Everyone at the ER went absolutely MENTAL.

All up, I was quite bemused by the state of un-prepared-ness that they were all in as a whole. My assumption was that the health authorities are meant to be the figurehead of calm, to ensure that everyone stays safe. Evidently not.

Well, I’m now sitting at home doing work and awaiting test results to come back to me. Fingers crossed it isn’t swine flu, but if it is… ah well. The vacciene works, and at least I have a laptop if I need to go to hospital.

Reijin out.


Absence May 24, 2009

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So, recently haven’t been posting because I’ve been too damn busy with that IRL thing. My apologies for anyone who regularly reads. These assignments are really bothersome because I do have to think somewhat for them (Even though Virtualisation isn’t really all that hard), and it’s starting to get really bothersome doing them.

Oh well, I should be finished with them within a week, and then voilah, I have my Diploma of Network engineering.

Fun times.

Oh well, we’ll see how we go.

What does bother me is the people in my class though – Sometimes it looks as if they aren’t making any effort whatsoever to learn the content. It’s really damn annoying to see anyone who works in IT not taking the effort to progress. If I ever turn senile, someone point me at this blog post and tell me to man up.
I vow, that I will NEVER be that stupid. If I don’t know something, I will make an effort to learn it. End of story.

This goes for anything I do, or anyone I know. Living isn’t good enough for me one could say. 😛
I guess it’s all about doing your best, eh?

Anyhow, we’ll see how this all pans out.



Valkyria Chronicles – Ep 5 May 21, 2009

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Morale of the story: Hans the pig is awesome. Additionally, droppings are the things to hold in dangerous times.

Everyone loves Hans!

Everyone loves Hans!

The episode wasn’t exactly to the game story, buuuuuuuuuuuut whatever. It was ok… although abit too comical (which it really shouldn’t be). Ah well.

The most unfortunate thing is they’re already hinting at Alicia’s past, etc etc. Far too early to be doing that as is. Silly anime adaptation. On the other hand, there’s plenty of action in this episode on top, so that kinda counteracts the fail of that.

There’s a little more of Welkin’s goofyness, too – so, it’s well balanced out. Either way, the next few episodes better get good.

No spoilers... noooo, never... Awesome picture though.

No spoilers... noooo, never... Awesome picture though.

Anyhow, Reijin out.


Cars: Tokyo Drift Style May 20, 2009

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I found this extremely amusing. The little Japanese in it is a little odd, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Oh, and Pixar makes it awesome win.


One, One One… uhmmm……… One! May 18, 2009

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This is hilarious, and quite amusing. Although it makes Valve’s job harder in future videos. Either way, the double update for the Sniper and Spy is going to make things very very interesting. Kudos, I must say to them though for updating a game like this that has no ongoing costs. It definitely keeps me buying games from them, being the good fellows they are providing us with consistent quality entertainment.

The Spy seems to be a very interesting character, and we finally realise he’s French! Conspiracy theories on helmets, as well as the Pyro being the Scouts’ mum… Ow.

Left 4 Dead, TF2, Half Life 2, all good games that I constantly play. 😛

All in all, keep up the good work Valve!

Reijin out.