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A taste of the Studio July 21, 2009

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The Dell Studio 15

The Dell Studio 15

Stay tuned for a full review. (The red looks very pretty.)

Anyway, back to watching FMA. In other news, Ayako picked up Senjou no Valkyria again, so hurrah for that. I finally have my decent subs back.

Reijin out.


IT’S LAN TIME, HOMIES April 25, 2009

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That time of year again! Now if you’ll excuse me, time to geek out in my garage with 15-20 friends all with computers. 😀



Time to fill up this 1TB hdd too…


I seem to have made quite a mess… April 18, 2009

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Too many partitions..

Too many partitions..

Apparently I’m running out of Hard disk space. 😦

Oh well. The fact that I have a quirky naming scheme is good enough for me. One bonus of making this utterly pointless post is that I know now that I have CoD5 in my CD drive, and it is in fact not lost. Happy days.

Klarwind and eisen are both my anime hard drives, music and photography gear sit on Signum, and the torrenting folder sits on Shamal. It’s organised, but I really need to make some time to actually go through my torrenting folder and move the completed stuff onto Klarwind. Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll also have a 5TB raid5 array holding the media, because it’s really gotten to the point where I need to back it up, otherwise one day something narky is going to happen, and I’ll be in trouble. Anyway, hopefully not. Don’t jinx it. 😛

Generally I keep all the stuff I watch – just if I ever watch it again. Collections always start out this way – Either way, I should actually get around to watching said anime collection, however…

I suppose I should get back to sleeping, and my studies…

Reijin out.


Logitech – another one bites the dust April 13, 2009

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Well, posting as my G9 is crapping out. I replaced a G5 doing exactly the same thing – turns out it’s the cable of the damn thing doing it.

Yay, another $100 down the drain. >_>

I’ll tell you what – it was a good mouse while it lasted. 😦


New stuff! In the… silicone! April 10, 2009

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So… lugging this crap home yesterday… and here is the process…


Out with the old..


Here’s the new…


In with the new! There is a Asus Xonar D2x, a P45-DS4P and a Intel E8400 powering the rest. Plenty of ventilation, too. As you can see 🙂


*Anakin skywalker voice* IT'S WORKING! (And yes, it's 4.0ghz with 8GB of RAM. After much fiddling..)

So, after much fiddling it’s all good. I have it running!

As for performance, here’s a few numbers so far. (I was too lazy to take screenshots). Overall, it’s very solid. Much better than my 4850 – all games were played at maximum detail, anti-aliasing and AF enabled in-game. CCC settings were set to default, with advanced on Catalyst AI.

Resolution used was 1920×1200

The temperatures of the card were quite impressive – peaking at around 75 degrees, idling at 45. Bear in mind current ambient temp is around 15 degrees though. The games tested aren’t too many – but these are the main ones I have installed at the moment, and the ones that I tested. FRAPS + in game FPS meters were used.

  • Racedriver GRID – 86fps avg, 120max, 62min
  • Team Fortress 2 – 97fps avg, 190max, 75min
  • Call of Duty 5 – 83avg, 103max, 69min
  • 3Dmark 2006 – 15910

As for image quality, it’s good. The key thing I notice at the resolution I play at over the 4850 is the lack of choppiness. The 4850 would stutter every here and again. The 90? Pumps out pretty damn solidly.

Anyhow, here’s some screenies of TF2 and CoD. Not too sure where my GRID ones went. O_o

Overall, I would definitely reccomend this purchase to anyone in need of an upgrade. It’s solid, it runs well. It’s still using beta drivers, which means there’s still performance to be had, and for around 400AUD, getting one in crossfire later on is definitely a performance option for the high-end market.

For your average joe, however – stick to the 4870. $100 cheaper. I would really only reccomend this to those needing a good future-proof upgrade, or cutting edge performance.  If you have a 4870, GTX260, or similar – don’t bother. Overclock your card, you’ll probably get better results. 😛

Reijin out.


Coming soon… April 8, 2009

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Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

Coming tomorrow, in fact. If you’re after some hardware in review – I’ll be testing this little baby all weekend.

Currently aiming for probably 16k+ in 3dmark, hopefully 11k in Vantage. We’ll see, I suppose. 😛

Reijin out.


My room.. and a possible project.. April 5, 2009

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So, once again I’m musing about my room.

Yes, It’s awesome.

However, now I come to think… how do I improve said room? The answer? A gun. Automation! So now, the plan is to set up everything to be controllable via my PC/phone/PSP/DS (Ok, the DS is pushing it a little. But it does have a web browser, and it’s not hard to set up a web-based interface… right?)

Anyhow, here’s the general outline of what I’d like to have working.

  • PS3 remote console (Sort of already done with the PSP and Playstation Network login – needs abit of perfection though)
  • Remote desktop for my current computer, and future fileserver
  • Desk light controllable from computer
  • Air conditioner (That is apparently getting installed soon for this half of the house) controllable through computer/internet

Ultimately, I’d love to have the house lights controllable this way as well – however… cross that bridge when we get to it.

I could probably use a few more figures and posters in my room, too. I still have 2 empty walls and a ceiling.. haha.

Control Centre? Still needs another monitor though. :P

Control Centre? Still needs another monitor though. 😛

Shelf behind the above photo. A little empty still :(

Shelf behind the above photo. A little empty still 😦

Wall...e. >_>

Wall...e. >_>

Wait, there's more! - behind my bookshelf. Or on the side, if you will.

Wait, there's more! - behind my bookshelf. Or on the side, if you will.

If all goes to plan over the next few months, I should have a file server ready to go to complement the gaming/media box too – Probably needing it at this rate… at 1.9TB of media and counting…

Hopefully a little different next time I take this photo...

Hopefully a little different next time I take this photo...

So yeah. In all, it comes together with this picture above – Now all I need to do is add another monitor and set up some proper remote desktop gear – then I never have to get out of bed again! Wahahaha!

Yeah, I have too much free time. 😛 Reijin out.