Tech, and everything else I get bored about. Including stuff.

About December 10, 2008

This blog is about a load of things.

Some of the stuff you’ll see regularly:

  • Anime reviews (Series’ and individual episodes.)
  • Game reviews
  • My ranting about pointless things
  • The odd political opinion

The general goal of this blog is to well. Give my opinion it’s own little space on the internet. I’m not really looking for popularity, fame, or fortune. It’s more of a way to pass the time more than anything else. It also helps me keep my grammar and horrible writing in a state of legibility.

About Me (The writer)

I generally play online games, read books, play music, play music games… Loads of stuff. Sadly, it’s mostly stuff I sit at home in front of my computer for. Photography is becoming one of my hobbies too, so expect some photojournalism of some sorts too.

In more detail, my hobbies are:

  • Writing
  • Piano & Bass guitar
  • Online games
  • Music games (Rock band, anyone?)
  • Digital Photography
  • Japanese
  • Anime
  • Computers (Modding, building.. you name it)

I go by the nicknames Lardman, Reijin, and Jae online, so you’ll probably spot me floating around the place. I’ve used Lardman most of the life, Reijin for the past 2 years, and Jae because 2 of my friends started calling me that. (Hey, I think it’s kinda cool)

About the blog:

I named it Technical solitude because it generally describes my nature. I enjoy working alone, and just the quiet of things from time to time. As well as being a complete leech for technology. Hurrah.

It’ll be updated reasonably regularly, with reviews and rants and opinions. All that jazz.


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