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Homework sucks June 23, 2009

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Something hardcore.

Anyway, back to work. That promise on real content has to wait, unfortunately.

In other news, Bowling might be a more regular hobby for me.

Reijin out.


Whoops June 14, 2009

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Forgot to mention this in the last post… πŸ˜›



This soundtrack is orsm, btw. πŸ˜›



Thanks CDJapan! June 12, 2009

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So this gear came in from CDJapan a day or two ago.

Firstly, a scoresheet! Keyboard score *AND* bass tabs. I’m gonna be busy for a while πŸ˜€


Next, Fullmetal Alchemist OP Album – again by YUI. Awesome album, came with a whole bunch of stickers too! I couldn’t get the limited edition with the DVD though.. 😦

Still, I got the first print, so can’t complain. Definitely an awesome single – get it. Now.

Additionally, on top – Boku wa mada Nanimo Shiranai [Album] by Ishikawa Chiaki. It’s areally nice album, lots of Ballad-type stuff that she does fantastically – Very chilling voice in some songs though, but the vocals are clear, and the instrumentals are amazing in some tracks. (My speakers have been getting a hell of a workout)


Last but not Least:

Check This Out!! by Jabberloop – Awesome jazz group, It’s abit fast for my liking, but definitely a nice club Jazz album to listen to.

Another Side of Agenda by Re-TrickΒ  – Jazz trio, more slow jazz and acid Jazz – The Live CD, too. Awesome jazz trio containing my favourite instruments – Bass guitar and Piano.

Definitely worth checking out – I’ll upload some tracks at some stage for you guys to listen to.


Anyway, back to study.

Reijin Out.


Not dead yet… June 9, 2009

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Just practicing the devine art of procrastinating in the face of homework.

In reality, this:

I really do love the internet at times.

-Reijin out.