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That feeling of ‘Bleh’ August 24, 2009

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It really does get to you.

Somehow in limbo at the moment – No job for now, waiting to start a new one. And to make things even more annoying, I’m also waiting for money to come through from 2 previous jobs.

It really does suck.

All in all though, life is looking on the up! I’ll have a new job soon, with decent renumeration, and with it, hopefully a new computer in the next few months, along with a makeover of my room hopefully by then.

I’ll have a license, which is also good, and I’m somehow learning Japanese still. Albeit slowly.

So I suppose there isn’t all that much to complain about. But trust me, it really does suck sitting at home not doing anything for a week. (Ok, well it’s not that bad. But it gets a tad boring.)

Anyhow, in more Anime related news, I’ve been watching Umi Monogatari, and catching up to that quite nicely, along with Senjou no Valkyria. I’m still a little mixed on Umi Monogatari. It’s…. serious and then not. Almost as if it can’t decide if it’s a drama, a mahou shojou, or a comedy. The mix is brilliant, when it works (Nanoha anyone?), but when it doesn’t it does give that impression of pretty bloody odd.

I’m still keeping up with Fullmetal somehow – I’ll get around to putting up summaries soon enough. (Which I’ve been meaning to do… heh procrastination)

Now as for Figures – there’s a whole bunch coming up this september/october. Riot Zanber Fate, Exceed mode Nanoha, ActSa, and a whole bunch of other goodies coming soon. Hopefully I’ll have a Lightbox so I can do some proper reviewing by then.

In the meantime however… someone recommend me a good place to get some glass cabinets damnit! My figures are collecting dust in a very quick, horrific way. Which is another thing on the to-do.

Ah well. I suppose being the middle of winter, it’s not unusual to have a whole bunch of crap piled up – but things are getting better, have no doubt. Soon I’ll be kicking in no time.

Oh, and that new domain should be coming roughly… next week. So stay tuned, and hopefully the move won’t be too retarded. It should also feature some art and stuff if I can get that together.

Reijin out.


Is it the boredom? May 28, 2009

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One would wonder what the whole point of a call center is. Whilst you’re meant to be on standby, what the hell are you meant to do?


I should buy myself a rubicks cube or something…

Either way, plenty of people say work shouldn’t be fun – should it? IMO it should be enjoyable. Not something you dread doing in the morning. Personally, hours don’t bug me. Nor does the odd demanding person, nor insane workloads. I suppose what bugs me most is the reliance on other people to do things when you could do them yourself… (Tesltra, hello!)

It’s a predicament I wish didn’t have to exist. Unfortuantely until we have some semblance of a real communications network in this godforsaken country, it probably still will continue to exist.

That and work really teaches me on a regular fucking basis, that people can be dead-set retarded in their actions. Sure, it’s not everyone’s fault they don’t understand a computer or IT networks, but when they try to use the internet, they take no interest in learning at least how to use their computer properly?

Society, at times really shits me. And people wonder why I’m a somewhat anti-social misanthrope, that hangs only around the geekish community he is friends with.

Society is seriously a burden on itself. If you announce a pandemic, people fucking panic. Why? Because they have little understanding of it. Which is what majorly shits me. Very few people have an understanding of the world around them, or at least the crucial bits.

It’s quite annoying.

I think of far too many things at work, whilst my mind is slowly deadening itself against the stupidity of people.Various ways that terrorst acts that have happened in the past could have been improved in deadliness, what’s out there in the far reaches of space and the universe, in which mannerism I’ll eventually die…

Probably not a good idea. If only I could perfect that multitasking thing a little more. Like drumming!

Or I could make an Origami Giraffe, and murder it.

Reijin out.


Swine Flu: Day 1 May 27, 2009

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So, anyway. As some of you may know I have now been quarantined for Swine Flu, or H1N1.
Pig-borne Influenza. Whatever you want to call it.

Either way, Last night I had a very mild headache and a cough for the day, on top of feeling tired, so I got it checked out and bam, they tested me for Swine Flu on the spot. What really suprised me is how panicked they were once I said it.

The moment I stated I had been in contact with a swine flu case… wowsers. Everyone at the ER went absolutely MENTAL.

All up, I was quite bemused by the state of un-prepared-ness that they were all in as a whole. My assumption was that the health authorities are meant to be the figurehead of calm, to ensure that everyone stays safe. Evidently not.

Well, I’m now sitting at home doing work and awaiting test results to come back to me. Fingers crossed it isn’t swine flu, but if it is… ah well. The vacciene works, and at least I have a laptop if I need to go to hospital.

Reijin out.


Absence May 24, 2009

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So, recently haven’t been posting because I’ve been too damn busy with that IRL thing. My apologies for anyone who regularly reads. These assignments are really bothersome because I do have to think somewhat for them (Even though Virtualisation isn’t really all that hard), and it’s starting to get really bothersome doing them.

Oh well, I should be finished with them within a week, and then voilah, I have my Diploma of Network engineering.

Fun times.

Oh well, we’ll see how we go.

What does bother me is the people in my class though – Sometimes it looks as if they aren’t making any effort whatsoever to learn the content. It’s really damn annoying to see anyone who works in IT not taking the effort to progress. If I ever turn senile, someone point me at this blog post and tell me to man up.
I vow, that I will NEVER be that stupid. If I don’t know something, I will make an effort to learn it. End of story.

This goes for anything I do, or anyone I know. Living isn’t good enough for me one could say. 😛
I guess it’s all about doing your best, eh?

Anyhow, we’ll see how this all pans out.



I seem to have made quite a mess… April 18, 2009

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Too many partitions..

Too many partitions..

Apparently I’m running out of Hard disk space. 😦

Oh well. The fact that I have a quirky naming scheme is good enough for me. One bonus of making this utterly pointless post is that I know now that I have CoD5 in my CD drive, and it is in fact not lost. Happy days.

Klarwind and eisen are both my anime hard drives, music and photography gear sit on Signum, and the torrenting folder sits on Shamal. It’s organised, but I really need to make some time to actually go through my torrenting folder and move the completed stuff onto Klarwind. Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll also have a 5TB raid5 array holding the media, because it’s really gotten to the point where I need to back it up, otherwise one day something narky is going to happen, and I’ll be in trouble. Anyway, hopefully not. Don’t jinx it. 😛

Generally I keep all the stuff I watch – just if I ever watch it again. Collections always start out this way – Either way, I should actually get around to watching said anime collection, however…

I suppose I should get back to sleeping, and my studies…

Reijin out.


On Study and Sandviches March 14, 2009

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As it may, I just had the most delicious Jam sandwich. It was delicious. With just a hint of butter, it makes jam taste so good. Anyhow, I’m feeling fairly thoughtful today – so, as I study, I may as well discuss what makes me continue learning.



So, first: A little history. My student life was pretty dodgy in primary school and high school. In and out of Suspension, angry outbursts that got me suspended on many a time… the usual teenage angst – Overall, not very fun. Most of school left me unmotivated, disliking most subjects, including IT. Hell, the only subject I remotely enjoyed was Cooking.. or “Nutrition and Food studies” as they called it. Oh and Horticulture. I still use many things I learned in those classes today.

The rest of them, however? Boring as hell. The main reason being these days, school is completely irrelevant to tasks you will undertake in todays’ society. This came true for College, too. HTML class was a joke. I mildly enjoyed programming, but the one class I enjoyed? Media, because we got to study games for a semester… And networking basics. Which I already knew most, if not all of.

Fast foward a year on today: I started a traineeship 12 months ago, now I am studying for a Diploma of Network engineering. For the first time in my life, I’m enjoying my study – Each week we learn something relevant, something useful. Not the useless junk that they throw at you in school, and sometimes even university.

Many people who study at universities even find they never actually use that 3 years of study for anything. They find a nice, cushy job and do the one task for a few years.

What am I learning now? PPTP VPN Tunnels, Microsoft Active directory domain controllers, Server builds, How to design and sell a server to a client, advise them on what they will need – all tools I can use professionally. All useful skills.

This brings me to my point – Why are all study subjects so damn useless? It’s only when I go to a TAFE, I learn anything mildly useful. This IMO, is the main reason we see high school dropouts. The reason why some end up abusing drugs, begging on the street. Not because of pure misfortune. Because they lack the motivation to continue studying subjects that provide little to no material reward or motivation for someone to actually pay attention to them.

And trust me. The yearn to Excel in ones’ studies is a very rare one.

My year 12 grades were not that great. Purely because I had more entertaining things to do than sit around and learn stupid shit that wasn’t all that useful. Sure, I could’ve turned around and showed everyone how awesome I could be – if I was a little more motivated.

Nowadays, I spend my free time studying subjects I have a passion for. Photography, Japanese, Internetworking – all personal interests, which is already a drive in itself that makes me strive to do well.

Fast forwarding to now, I have more drive to excel – perhaps I’m older, perhaps I’m studying things I like doing, who knows – study is actually fun to do these days. Probably due to the personal interest factor, but who knows. The drive is there, and as long as it is, I’ll keep doing what I love, improving myself and bettering my skillsets.

In the end, perhaps this is just a self-justifying rant for my lack of working when I was a few years younger. Perhaps not. I suppose in my mind it’s just me having some thoughts, on where I am now, why I’m at that point, and where I intend to go in the future. (Hopefully to a network engineer or administrator position.)

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Reijin out.