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Late-night Website Plugs! August 27, 2009

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In my cruising around of the internet, I present: Websites of interest!

The Gamers’ Girl – “Stories of humor, support, and wisdom to those who date, have fallen in love with, or are married to a gamer.”
Looking For Group – A hilarious webcomic that kind-of borrows Warcraft character design. Worth a read if you’re bored. (Most likely at work or procrastinating, no dobut.
Overclockers Australia – Australia’s busiest IT community. I go under the moniker “Lardman” here, and it’s definitely one of the best places for the latest in tech-related news and info.
Ken Rockwell Photography – Definitely my favorite source of photography information. Hands down.

Those three seem to be the only sites I’m reading at the moment, my mind being a void of any other information. But nonetheless, have a read – some good stuff there, and definitely a way to pass these wee morning hours. Anyhow, busily watching and catching up on stuff till I start work next week it is!

– Reijin


Well, this is… Odd. March 2, 2009

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So, it’s been a long day at work… Fun times, configuring user accounts and setting customers up. I s’pose it makes a living and fills the old wallet though. (On that note, mine is ripping *sadfase*) Anyhow, watching anime, planning life, researching my next purchase… browsing facebook and…

Another boring quiz to do! Figured I’d share.

Completely unrelated, but a nice picture. Also kinda indicates what I do when I'm blogging. Listen to music on stupidly good headphones.

Completely unrelated, but a nice picture. Also kinda indicates what I do when I'm blogging. Listen to music on stupidly good headphones.

Personally, I don’t consider myself to be all that asian, apart from the otaku bit. I’m more of an Overclocker rather than anything else. I do enjoy a bit of the good ‘ole singlish to annoy my more western friends though. For reference, both my parents are Malay, me being born in Australia. The earlier years of my life were pretty asian though. Super-strict parents, high expectations, lots of study, and the whole “YOU MUST PLAY THE PIANO!” Part of things. Oh, fun times.

-Begin random copypasta here.

If you can survive to more than 60%, you’re pretty far up along the percentile rankings. Yeah, that’s like a D-/F borderline, but hell, this isn’t about getting as much as possible. It’s about discovering your inner Asian self. And no, you don’t need to get at least a 90%, because you parents won’t be seeing the score and this won’t be counted towards or against your grades. (Note: I don’t endorse sending this to everyone. I also dislike chain things, but I find the odd one remotely interesting and I remember things about my self that keep me remembering why I do what I do.)

Notenote: I also noted most of the sections.

[x] Both of your parents are from Asia
[ ] You were born in Asia
[ ] You use the term “Azn” (There are seriously, TWO extra letters to write “Asian”)
[ ] You think DDR is cool
[x] You watch anime
[] You like Korean drama (Note: I watch some JDrama..)
[x] You have stuff hanging on your phone
[x] Your parents want you to marry within your own race
[x] You eat rice almost everyday
[x] You drink lemon tea

X’s so far: 6/10 – Well, not too bad.

[x] You style your hair (In a manner of speaking. Does running my hands through it in the morning count?) < I kinda give it a brush (>//>)
[ ] You have a xanga/bebo/myspace/friendster

[x] You speak languages other than English (What if that language was Swahili or Lantin or something you douche) < I kinda do. Learning!
[ ] Your parents are strict compared to other REALLY asian parents (Used to be. Not so much anymore, now that I’m employed.)
[x]Your parents have high expectations of you (Used to. Still do, but not as much.)
[ ] You always get A’s/B’s on your report
[] You do Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Accounting (it’s not biology, it’s med or dent. Get it right. NB: Biology kicks ass)
[x] You know your multiplication table
[x] You play badminton or table tennis
[] You’ve seen the Asian version The ring/The grudge
X’s so far: 11/20

[] You go/want to go to a university and would NEVER consider an apprenticeship < Hell no. I jumped right into one.
[x] You own an asian car < I don’t drive… my parents own Japanese cars though!
[x] You’re not the only child
[x] You’ve gotten little red envelopes around February <Not as many this year. ;_;
[x] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do < Yep! Suprisingly, I actually have a blue belt in TKD. Not that I’d be able to do much these days.
[ ] If you’re a girl, you prefer white guys over asian guys, OR if you’re a guy you prefer asian girls < Not so much. Used to, but these days I’m not fussy. Hell, me and girls are a rarity.
[x] Your mother tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted < YES. THIS. SO MUCH.
[x ] You can do the rubiks cube.. < sorta…
[x] You have a box of noodles somewhere in your house
[x] You play video games (ok, this is TOTALLY not just a so-called “Azn” thing. It’d be more racist to say we all play JRPG’s or some shit.) < QFT. I play JRPG’s and stuff though. Technically FF was…

X’s so far: 19/30
[x] Everytime you’re going out your parents ask you where you’re going and what time you’ll be home
[x] You have karaoke at home
[x] You have have heard of BoA, Gazette, Ayumi Hamasaki, Gackt, Jay Chou, Twins, or DBSK < I know a fair amount more. Lol.
[x] You’ve been to a LAN more than 3 times < I’ve RUN a LAN more than 3 times. I also have adminstrated a few.
[x] You have incense sticks/moth balls in your house. < what’s asia without mothballs.
[x] You own a gaming console < Lets see… 7 of them?
[x] You play(ed) a musical instrument (I still do, no thousands of dola wasted on this one!) < I am getting back into it. πŸ™‚
[x] You don’t wear shoes in your house
[x] You can use chopsticks well
[x] You get nothing if you do well in school (I get satisfaction that I’m doing well?) < From my parents, anyway. I buy my own gifts. πŸ™‚

X’s so far: 29/40

[ ] Your parents won’t let you go out if you have school the next day
[x] You have asian songs on your computer/iPod <
[ ] You don’t like football (I like the real football, the one I played for for 6 years)
[x] You have/had a curfew
[x] You know what ulzzang/tb means (…tb is turberculosis. All you med students should get that one at least) < Yerp. I know what they mean.
[] You know what purikura is
[x] You like bubble tea
[x] Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can “grow into it” and wear it for years to come
[x] You’ve played Final Fantasy (I had to capitalize that. Pure blasphemy. Most console gamers have played this. See the previous question where I commented about JRPGs)
[ ] You believe in fortune cookies

X’s so far: 36/50

[x] You know what bok choy is
[x] You’ve heard the song “Got rice?” < Got food, soup, spice? Lol.
[x ] You have/had a tutor
[x] You’ve had pocky/yan yan before
[x] When you seek for your mother’s permission she replies “Ask your dad”Β  < this happened so much.
[x] You like to save things in case you need them later, even if you never use it (it’s called being an OCD hoarder, actually) <Pretty much. I save everything.

[x] You have tasted durian
[x] You hope to be employed in something practical, like medicine, law, accounting, or engineering (I’m an engineer, I solve practical problems, like how am I gunna stop some mean mother-hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?) < In my case, I stop mean hackers from tearing open a structually superfluous new security flaw… (I AM EMPLOYED LIKE THIS. ARSES.)
[ ] You have eaten dog or snake
[] Everyone thinks you’re at least a year younger than you actually areX’s so far: 44/60

[x] You call your adult family friends “Auntie” or “Uncle”
[x] You have or have had a bowl cut
[x] Your parents enjoy comparing you to their friends’ kids
[] You eat everything with chopsticks
[ ] You hang/hung your clothes out to dry on a line attached to the window of your flat and the window across from yours
[ ] You are applying to an ivy league college
[x] Your parents or relatives have tried setting you up with someone
[x] You eat for breakfast what is considered food unfit for breakfast <Oh noodles, how I love thee.
[ ] You scored higher on the math than you did on the verbal on the SAT
[ ] You always cheer for the Asian athlete on TV

X’s so far: 49/70

[ ] You love shopping at Costco because everything’s cheaper when buying in bulk, even if you don’t need so much
[x] You buy rice in 50lb sacks at least < Yes. They’re freaking heavy.
[x] You have had to wear hand-me-downs < Thanks dad!
[x] You get two of the same thing but one is better because it’s free < Exactly.
[] You fight for the bill because of face, even though you don’t actually want to pay for such an expensive meal < I usually don’t care and shout people. It’s being Austral… waiit….
[x] You make things yourself because it’s cheaper, even though it takes more time < Dinners. πŸ˜€
[x] You own a huge butcher knife but it’s actually called a “vegetable knife” < Yep. Knives are good. A sharp tool is a good tool!
[] You own a lot of Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein <
[x] You can down cups of tea like water and not feel the caffeine effects because you’re used to it
[x] You love hot pot

X’s so far: 56/80

[x] You make your rice without butter, spices, or salts
[x] Your parents are especially loud on the phone <So am I sometimes…
[x] You always take home the leftovers from a restaurant
[] You try to coerce others into taking the leftovers if you’re eating with company <
[x] You give fruits as gifts
[ ] You will waste extra gas to find cheaper gas/other things
[ ] You are smaller in size compared to the Caucasian population
[x] You have relatives in Canada
[x] The number 8 is an extremely lucky and important number to you
[] The number 4 is an extremely unlucky number to you

X’s so far: 62/90

[x] Every big event revolves around food <YES. OH GOD YES.
[x] You have gotten used to the smells of herbal medicines < and the taste, sadly enough.
[] You are stick thin and want to keep it that way < I wish at times.
[ ] You try to save money on everything you buy
[x] You eat a lot but it doesn’t add much to your weight < This too! It used to add on though.
[ ] You care a lot about staying in fashion with the rest of Asia
[x] School is always the number one priority in your family
[] You care a lot about honor and saving faceΒ  < Definitely not. If people think poorly of me, I’m pretty open about saying “Go and jump into a pit”
[] Your parents expect you to do everything right
[x] You mix languages up constantly while thinking and speaking < Hell, I mix english up while thinking and speaking.

X’s so far: 67/100

Well, I’m fairly asian. Meh. It shows how much living in Australia can change people. Very nice place to live, but it changes you quite a lot. As does time. Oh well. Now all I have to do is persuade my workmates to stop trying to set me up…
Reijin out.

Life, the OST. February 10, 2009

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So, some more facebook boredom led to this chunk of hilarity: How to make an OST of your life! (Original soundtrack for those who don’t know what OST is..)

Man, these things make bludging at work so worthwhile. πŸ™‚


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For the first question, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button TWICE.
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend your cool… Just type it in man!
Because my playlist is about 17859 songs long, I did it 20 times. πŸ˜›

Opening Credits:
Taking Back Sunday – What’s it feel like to be a Ghost
A little odd, that one. The lyrics are pretty cool though. Kinda meaningful, makes a cool fight movie.

Waking Up:
Hiroaki Sano – Raising Heart, Set up! [Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha OST]
I laughed. Hard. Mahou shoujo reijin?

Fight Song:
Linkin Park -Rnw@Y (Backyard Bangers ft. Phoenix Orion)
Awesome. This song is win for fighting. πŸ™‚ “I WANNA RUNAAWWWAAAYYY”

Breaking Up:
Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl
Lol, this makes no sense. Unless you’re breaking up at a disco…

Van Halen – You really got me
God, I lol’d.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Otherside
Sums up mine pretty nicely. I actually approve of this one O_o.

Mental Breakdown:
Nonaka Ai & Inoue Marina & Kobayashi Yuu & Shintani Ryoko – Zessei Bijin [Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei S1 ED]
I laughed hard at the above one once again. What’s more perfect?

Cut Copy – Unforgettable Season
This is an awesome song to drive to. And sing. It’s like techno with acoustics!

ZZ Top – La Grange


Getting Back Together:
Round Table feat. Nino – Groovin’ Magic
Sweet lord, my playlist never ceases to amaze. It’s like I’m in some bad dodgy anime storyline.

Wolfmother – Joker And The Thief
This would be one manly wedding. Oh god. Imagine driving up in like, an old 80’s Mustang. With an awesome suit.

Birth of Child:
The Superman Lovers – Starlight
That kid would be so cool. Abit deaf from the doof, but SO COOL.

Final Battle:
Starsailor – Four to the Floor [Thin White Duke Mix]
This would be so awesome as a 1v1 fight. Or 1v everyone. Such an awesome remix nonetheless.

Death Scene:
Puddle of Mudd – BLURRY
That would be an awesome death scene. I would also take everything out with me. MECHA STYLE.

Funeral Song:
Linkin Park – Pushing me Away
Its more like a flashback song… but, it kinda works!

Anyhow, that’s an example of what’s in my musical playlist. It’s pretty varied, alot of Rock, Jpop, Techno, and such. So much variety for when I’m in strange moods, anyhow.

Hope you lot enjoyed this little game. πŸ˜› Reijin out.


Holy Stuff Batman! February 9, 2009

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I’M NOT SWEATING IN MY ROOM FOR ONCE! 1231464262935Anyhow, this is honestly my thought process at work. God, my mind is one of those things that really don’t mix too well with normal logic. Mine works in a very strange, twisted way. That and work is a stumbling, bumbling mess at the moment. Line faults, idiots on the phone, help me help me my dialup isn’t working (Dialup is the scourge of this earth, I swear). Ahh well, you pull through.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly waiting for Valve to release the Scout update for Team Fortress 2. Tearing my hair out in anticipation for some sweet, sweet bonk. NeedADispenserHere. It’ll be so painful for snipers, demomen, but a ball of fun for heavies. Ahh, the waiting game is indeed a painful game indeed! It does bother me at how addictive the game can become, and how it’s the new UT for girls… All in all, a very ‘pick up and play’ game for everyone. If you haven’t gotten it yet, it’s 19.95 USD on Steam, grab it and jump in! Feel free to add me on Steam too. My ID is heapslol for those interested. πŸ™‚

Street fighter 4, with it’s glorious Cel-Shading and mean collectors edition pack has made it’s way onto my purchase list, along with Dawn of War 2, Final Fantasy 13 and friends, and a few other games. But mainly Street fighter and FF13. God, I really should go part time, it’d mean I get to play a whole ton more games!


Somewhat anime related, my To Watch list is now bigger:

  • Afro Samurai Resurrection (Samuel L Jackson, the Anime)
  • ~ef~ A tale of Melodies (Blu Ray rips are awesome.)
  • Akikan! (More ecchi harem goodness…)
  • Maria†Holic
  • Macross Frontier
  • Minami Ke
  • ARIA (Halfway through!)
  • Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter
  • Rosario + Vampire (I have it, just need to get around to watching it.)
  • Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
  • Genshiken
  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Soul Eater
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Kemeko DX
  • Hayate no Gotoku (I have like 4 more episodes to watch, but so lazy. :P)
  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (Ditto with Hayate no Gotoku)
  • Shikabane Hime
  • Gokusen (all 3)
  • Hellsing OVA

All in all, quite a huge list. Makes people wonder why I have no girlfriend or social life. πŸ˜›

Anyhow, Reijin out.


Interesting numbers. February 7, 2009

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Stolen from Ruri, and in turn Mikurubeam… (A couple of friends of mine.)


1. I did my first windows re-install. πŸ˜€
2. Watched Pokemon, Beast wars, DBZ, Evangelion
3. Had this awesome TV from the 80’s. RIP, awesome tv.
4. Ate my own cooked noodles for breakfast
5. Returned from Saudi Arabia, fun fun. It took about half a year to get used to a non-secular Mcdonalds…


1. In year 9, abit thinner than I am.
2. Enid Blyton was my most favourite author. <- I DON’T HAVE TO EDIT THIS, SCARILY ENOUGH.
3. I met ye olde Deakin High crew. HI PADLOCK.
4. did no homework in Math, and still got awesome test scores..
5.Β  Got into WoW, Anime, and geek culture alot more.


1. I was working for the ACT government
2. Built my computer I use now
3. Appreciated the internet alot more than I used to.
4. Changed jobs for the first time in my life.
5. Started some serious overclocking πŸ˜€

1. It was too damn hot.
2. I had a cold shower. The 9th one this week.
3. Logged a whole 6 line faults – O_o
4. Did some internet theory.
5. Brought mangoes for the family

(Pocky and Daifuku aren’t edited. :P)
1. Pocky.
2. Sweet Bread
3. Raisin toast. (I have a loaf at work I eat through)
4. Daifuku~
5. Mangoes


1. Dream Fighter – Perfume
2. Times like these – Foo Fighters
3. The kids aren’t alright – The Offspring
4. Turn it again – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
5. Cold Hard Bitch – Jet


1. I’d start up my own business.
2. Build a PC for my bro and sis
3. Go for a holiday alone to Japan, Canada or Sweeden/Norway
4. The above, but with the family.
5. Cybernetics research. Go.

1. Wife-beaters
2. Short shorts
3. Anything uncomfortable.
4. Tight pants
5. An expensive suit. By god, I’m a messy eater.

(At the moment, anyway)
1. House MD
2. Charmed
3. Bleach? (Well, it airs weekly..)
4. TopGear – hilarious.
5. … Yeah, don’t watch tv in general. Most of the stuff I watch is downloaded. πŸ˜›


1. Figety. Really really figety.
2. Air *insert musical instrument here*
3. I dislike conflict.
4. I have a really bad temper… < unedited once again. It rarely shows itself these days though.
5. Very impulsive. [See also: buying habits]


1. Having friends who are AWESOME. < Unedited, once again! I love my friends. πŸ˜€
2. Finding out stuff about myself and others. Research.
3. Achievements. ‘Nuff said
4. Reading.
5. Helping others. No really. If you’re in trouble I’ll generally lose sleep over it.

1. Yagami Hayate – Nanoha StrikerS
2. Kiri Komori – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
3. Yayoi Inuzuka – Kure-nai
4. Mai Kashiwagi – Darker than Black (side character)
5. Katsura Hinagiku – Hayate no Gotoku

Well, that was a whole lot. πŸ˜› Now you havwe a whole bunch of useless crap about me. πŸ™‚

Reijin out.


The wishlist January 29, 2009

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So, surfing around the place I now have a large wish list of things I want to buy. I suppose we’ll start.

Nendroid Hiiragi Tsukasa

Nendroid Hiiragi Tsukasa

I don’t have any Lucky Star figures at the moment, but Nendroid Tsukasa might be a start. Very cute though, would go nicely sitting next to the xBox.. heh.

Nakajima Subaru

Nakajima Subaru

So, the Alter version is awesome. Do want! Very detailed, and properly sculpted. I do like the special effects added on as well. The only downside being that the pose is a little strange.

Golden Darkness

Golden Darkness

5_2008oct30184230_2185Golden Darkness – To Love-ru. The hair looks awesome pretty, need I say more? It’s going to be extremely expensive though, but hell – totally worth it.

Kagamine Ren and Rin

Kagamine Ren and Rin

This pair – I’ve got Hatsune Miku, so doesn’t it make sense to add the others from the series?Β  I don’t like Rin’s pose that much though, but Ren is prettty Rawkin’. (The one with the keytar)

Saber Lily

Saber Lily

Saber Lily close up

Saber Lily close up

Saber Lily – Avalon –Β  looks freaking awesome. And at 11,800 yen… not cheap either. A worthy investment though, the amount of detail put into the hair is nothing short of stunning. I ❀ GSC. Can’t wait for this one to arrive in July. I’ve preordered mine at HobbyLink Japan.



The series was hilarious – So why not? From Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Version

Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Version

Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Version

Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Version

Double shot! I’ve currently got the Brigade leader version, but this one looks too good to miss. πŸ™‚ The hand, body and mouth is a little disproportioned though… But it may improve. Or perhaps it’s just the angle I’m looking at.

Saber Zero

Saber Zero

Somehow still in stock at a few stores, so I’ll be grabbing one in the next month or so if they’re still around. Girls in suits are awesome. And she’d go nicely with Ryougi Shiki…

Anyhow, that’s pretty much it so far… Hope it doesn’t get much bigger than that (The list, that is.) It’s getting very expensive, very fast… 😑 They’re fantastic figures though, and it’ll give me some new material to take photos of. On top of these and more computer parts, I’m going to need alot more cash…

Anyhow, I’d best get back to my other endeavours.