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One, One One… uhmmm……… One! May 18, 2009

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This is hilarious, and quite amusing. Although it makes Valve’s job harder in future videos. Either way, the double update for the Sniper and Spy is going to make things very very interesting. Kudos, I must say to them though for updating a game like this that has no ongoing costs. It definitely keeps me buying games from them, being the good fellows they are providing us with consistent quality entertainment.

The Spy seems to be a very interesting character, and we finally realise he’s French! Conspiracy theories on helmets, as well as the Pyro being the Scouts’ mum… Ow.

Left 4 Dead, TF2, Half Life 2, all good games that I constantly play. 😛

All in all, keep up the good work Valve!

Reijin out.


Valkyria Chronicles – Ep 3 April 29, 2009

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Finally getting around to doing a writeup, first of all – why is Alicia now tsundere? Really. Why?
I’ll just add that one to questions that I’ll ask when I die, too. She wasn’t anything like tsundere in the game, nor was she stupid. But somehow she’s become the *generic stupid bitch*?

Annoying, check.

Annoying, check.

Either way, hopefully next episode is better.

Dynamic Duo, yes?

Dynamic Duo, yes?

What they did do well this ep, however is when Isara gets confronted for being a Darcsen, which was toned down a little, but still marvellously well done. The battle scene was pretty quick, but still pretty damn good.

Fighty bits

Fighty bits

Sadly enough, IMO there wasn’t enough character progression – unless you call Alicia being tsundere and stupid shown alot more than it should’ve been that, anyway. We only really see abit of Largo, Rose, and a few interactions between Welkin and Isara.
Otherwise, not much in the way. Hell, I’d almost consider this a fanservice episode.

There was abit more backstory for Welkin showed, which was decent, and fairly solid – but otherwise, sadly there’s not enough

Just like the game!

Just like the game!

As usual, however – much praise for the artwork, and keeping it similar to the game style. At least they can do some things right… Oh well, back to waiting for next episode 😦

Reijin out.


Oh Sweet lord. April 2, 2009

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L M N O..

L M N O..

Valve, I love you and hate you at the same time.

This made me laugh, and then dislike the Australian jokes. 😛

Looking forward to the update though, as sniper is fun. I do hope they balance out “wallsniping” however, because it’s a habit that’s annoying as all hell. That and snipers that just sit there spamming machine gun all day. Bloody hell.

Reijin out


Favourite things March 29, 2009

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So, I’m half intent to sing a song tonight. That and I’ve been up for about 8 hours playing Valkyria Chronicles. Sweet lord, it’s an awesome game.

Rin evidently thinks this is awesome. You should too.

Rin evidently thinks this is awesome. You should too.

That and I’ve somehow warped “Favourite things” into my own little gamer edition…

Rockband, Team Fortress and Taiko Tatsujin,

Warcraft Expansions, photographing figures,

My pc parts overclocked before spring..

These are a few of my favourite things.

Remind me not to stay up ’till 5 in the morning next time. My creative “flair” usually turns out to be creative failure around now. 😛 On that note, I don’t play Taiko Tatsujin (Or is it Taiko no tatsujin) as much as I’d like to. Only like… once when I can get my hands on my DS. Because my brother always takes it. The little crap.

That aside, perhaps I’ll finish that song one day, to be some kind of geeky gamer/otaku anthem, who knows. For now, I’ll just go back to enjoying playing Valkyria and practicing Cammy’s Ultra combo.

Reijin out.


A Trusted friend on the computer table. March 25, 2009

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Great for that morning burst of brainpower

Great for that morning burst of brainpower

This cup is awesome. It’s big, it holds my hot cup of drink, it keeps me awake at night, and it also keeps me warm and fuzzy. Litterally.

The cake was a lie, but my morning milk tea? I THINK NOT.
For those interested in it, grab it at the valve store. But I highly recommend that you do a group order though. Shipping is 25 USD – get 3-4 mates and buy 40-50 worth of stuff each, and you’re set.

Reijin out.


It’s Zombies Lol March 12, 2009

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Time to go waste my night away, as well as some Zombies! Coming up, reviewing my zombie mayhem!

The game looks pretty good so far…


Rockband should be a sign of manliness. March 7, 2009

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I didn’t FC it though :*(