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New Layout! August 13, 2009

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Because have I ever told you how much I absolutely hate non-rounded corners in my web content? For some reason it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Additionally, I’d make the words “Absolutely hate” in bright pink to make it even more annoying, but alas. You can’t always get what you want. Anyhow, I’ve been contemplating moving away from WP to my own domain… possibly. It’s very hard to make these choices, as you could understand. I’ve been somewhat playing around with web layouts over the last few days and I do kind of want to move away from the wordpress limitations and have my own domain done.

Maybe Flickr Premium and my own webspace / domain name. That might work.

Ah well, we’ll see how things pan out.

Anyway, still working on a few writeups. SMASH 2009 for one (photos can be found on my Flickr).

I’ve still yet to get back to writing reviews for FMA which I might just summarise, and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff I’ve been neglecting, for which I apologize. As I am very busy. (read: lazy)

Anyhow, should have something up in the next day or two. Something proper, anyway.



2 Responses to “New Layout!”

  1. Snark Says:

    Bitchin new layout! Though to be honest, I’m not too flash hot on the acid green to the right there…

    Oh, and another thing, it turns out I actually did run into you at SMASH! You know when you were talking to Optic at the Dolfie area? I was the guy next to him, I would have said hi but I didn’t hear you were the guy who wrote TS -_-

  2. optic Says:

    I had to remind him. I was like “ZOMG, u didn’t know!?” xD

    Prefer ur old layout to be honest. The colours aren’t that flashy on the eyes especially the green sidebar.
    At least u kept the post in white bg so it’s easy to read.

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